Hero Office




Prahran, Victoria, Australia

Traditional Owners





Luke Ray

Formerly a neglected 70s brown brick warehouse for a linen wholesaler in the back blocks of Prahran, underwent a dramatic transformation to become Hero’s new office space. Jost Architects in collaboration with Brahman Perera, adapted the existing space into a modern, functional office. From collaborative zones to soundproofed meeting rooms, every aspect was methodically designed to accommodate diverse work styles. Avoiding traditional office layouts, we curated a dynamic environment that mirrored the client’s creative output as well as the CEO’s obsession with the colour Tangerine. By integrating private and communal spaces, they adopted visual continuity and showcased Hero’s signature tangerine branding as well as their extensive industry awards. Embracing color as a key design element, the space was layered with furniture, lighting, and joinery. The use of such a bright colour like Tangerine was offset by white, black, grey and metallic tones amongst the industrial exposed concrete. While contemporary and practical, the design honoured the site’s industrial heritage. Minimizing environmental impact with the installation of a 15Kw solar system, a large portion of the furniture from their previous office was utilised with Brahman sourcing local designers to provide the new additional furniture and custom-made lighting solutions. Special zoning and spatial planning catered to Hero’s dynamic team and extensive client roster. The vibrant use of orange branding personified the company’s energetic ethos, making Hero’s new workspace a testament to creativity and innovation.