Glen Iris House




Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia

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Dave Kulesza

The original house had been lived in by our clients for a number of years before they decided to build a new family home which was something they have always wanted to accomplish. They loved the location and the area but the main problem with the existing house was the disconnect to the rear yard due to the significant site fall to the back of the block. The house was also very cold in winter and very hot in summer due to a distinct lack of insulation or decent exterior building envelope.

To address these challenges, the new home was designed with an abstract interpretation of the common double fronted weatherboard style, using familiar materials but with the addition of robust, folded vertical metal cladding for the pitched roof volumes. The large living areas were oriented to capture sunlight and control it in different seasons, while cross ventilation was implemented for simple control of internal comfort. The building facades and roof were constructed with almost double the thermal performance of standard construction, and a solar panel system with a battery was installed to eliminated the any need for receiving any power bills.

The interior incorporated the exterior finishes, with face brickwork extending from the front wall into the living areas. The slope of the site was addressed by tiering the floor levels, bringing the living areas and deck back into connection with the outdoor space. The stairs were positioned to avoid the need to “travel down before going up”  and an internal courtyard provided light into the middle of the house.

Overall, the new home successfully addressed the challenges of the original house and provided the clients with an efficient, low-maintenance, and comfortable place to live that is seamlessly integrated within its leafy surroundings.