St Kilda House 2

We took a classic weatherboard cottage located in St Kilda with a council Heritage Overlay and removed the previous 1980s extension to the rear. The two front bedrooms and bathroom on the ground floor, being part of the original main area of the house, were retained. The brief was to add a master bedroom, ensuite, WIR and an east facing deck on the upper level and to refurbish the ground floor bathroom, new kitchen and to utilise the small area of land to the north east. This is where things got interesting. Because the site tapered, becoming narrower to the rear and the proposed building was to utilise this valuable unused space, it meant that none of the gutter line, roof ridge and internally, the ceiling and wall junctions were parallel to each other or horizontal. The geometry applied ensured that the upper level façades presented symmetrically to each ends of the property.  It was a deliberate decision to make the new additions visibly contemporary in contrast to the existing dwelling but not move too far away from the original. The galvanised custom orb cladding wraps up one side, over and down on the other, intersecting with the weatherboard cladding. Both familiar materials found on the classic Victorian workers cottages found in this part of St Kilda. Overall this abstract level 1 form envelopes the screened internal space, creating areas of visual permeability which becomes an active and changing façade depending on the time of day, conditions and lighting. Using room to room movement in the “doughnut” plan reduces the extent of wasted egress area, more comfortable spaces as well as allowing excellent cross ventilation to all of the upper rooms.