Ormond Road Apartments

This mixed use development sits within the established shopping & café precinct of Ormond Road in the popular Melbourne bayside suburb of Elwood. It consists of two commercial tenancies opening to the street, and ten one and two bedroom units that extend over and down a traditional, urban bluestone lane. Each of the units has had careful attention paid to its efficiency and function of use which, coupled with the arrangement of the essentials elements of a standard apartment, and creates a set of unique spaces. Residents and visitors are treated to a prominent and distinctive mural by artist Brett Coelho, which sits adjacent to the borough entry that not only compliments the building but sits comfortably with the red stop sign and existing street art of the lane. Ormond Road Apartments is a simple, clean and visual building that respects its community, surroundings and local history without compromising its design.

Photography | Andrew Wuttke + Shannon McGrath